Library Policies

  • How do I get started using the library? Just come in and we'll issue you a free library card.
  • Do I need a new card each year? No, but once a year we will verify your information to make sure it's current.
  • What materials can I borrow and take home with me? Books, magazines, audio cassettes and compact discs, dvds and videocassettes, and music cds.
  • How long can I borrow Clear Lake Public Library materials?
    Books and magazines -- 3 weeks
    Videos -- 3 weeks
    DVDs -- 3 weeks
    CDs -- 3 weeks

Materials that belong to other libraries have verious checkout periods. Most videos, DVDs, and magazines are for ONE WEEK only!

  • Can I renew the materials that I borrow? You can renew items by phone, in person, or online at providing there are no holds on them.


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