Bulletin Board and Public Information Policy

It is part of the Library’s function to provide access to intellectual, educational, informational, recreational, and cultural resources of the community.
The Library has the following posting and public information “giveaway” areas available:
- One bulletin board in the lobby
- One table inside the Library
Other bulletin boards and display spaces in the Library are reserved for Library postings.


Posting Guidelines:
  1. The Library may post notices from non-profit organizations, educational institutions, public utilities, and governmental agencies.
  2. The Library will not post notices from for-profit organizations, notices of merchandise or services sought or for sale, rental announcements, postings of political party platforms, endorsements of candidates, or notices advocating the election of any candidate or referendum position.
  3. All items must be reviewed, dated, and posted by Library staff. Notices posted or left on tables without authorization will be removed.
  4. The appearance and content of the notice must be suitable for display in a public service area.
  5.  Due to limited display space, the Library reserves the right to restrict the size, number, and location of display materials. Preference will be given to Library sponsored events.
  6. Posting of materials does not imply Library endorsement or consent.
  7. The Library will not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in materials.
  8. The Library assumes no liability for the quality or safety of any goods or services which may be the subject of postings, displays or pamphlets.
  9. The Library reserves the right to remove all notices and accepts no responsibility for the loss, condition or destruction of postings.
  10. Postings and information displays will be for a maximum of 30 days.
  11. Library staff will be responsible for removing items after the information has expired or at the end of 30 days, whichever is sooner.
Clear Lake Board of Trustees



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